I brought might Mike Toohey on board to GE for I knew him from his days at a Staffing Firm. This division would never allow staffing firm fees so I called Mike and he agreed to come on site to work for me and GE Real Estate. He would join me again when I took position at GEFA. Staffing Firms and Outrageous Fees are not my idea of saving the company money.

He filled over 100 positions in less than 6 months and we saved over 4 million dollars from not using staffing agencies. As well as we hit milestones for the business for we had the proper talent in place. We won business because Mike got us the proper people to have in place. Mike Toohey just gets the job done and gets along with everyone from the janitor to the CEO. He takes what he does seriously just not himself which is rare in recruiters.

Cori Wittmeyer – GECT

I first met Mike Toohey and Contract Staffing Recruiters at Freshdirect.com in Long Island City. When I took at position for a Social Media startup in NYC called BigFuel, I had to fill over 75 technical positions not only in NYC but Detroit as well. Mike came on board and was able to fill all the positions and kept pace with our growth and we were able to land the Samsung account for we had the talent to back up the work.

Mike is just one of those recruiters that just gets it done. No matter the position, salary or location.

Anthony Onesto – Chief People Officer – BigFuel – Now at Suzy SaaSNYC

I knew Mike Toohey from my days at Hubbell. When I took the HR Director role at Permasteelisa in Windsor, I knew we had issues with hiring and I never believed in using Staffing Agencies and crazy fees to find talent. I called Mike and Contract Staffing Recruiters. He was able to fill all our positions – Assemblers, Accountants, AP/AR, Manufacturing, Engineering, CNC, Sales, HR, Solidworks, CAD, Controller, CFO, VP Sales, Marketing, Software Engineers and more.

He is direct and gets things done. Great turnaround and availability. Mike knows business and makes sure we have the right talent to compete.

David Halpert – Permasteelisa Group – CT

I have know Mike Toohey for over 10 years while working at Starion Energy. We started small and have grown tremendously over the years.

However, we never would pay 20% Fees to Staffing Agencies. I believe in company money and not wasting it.

Mike and his team get us the right talent every time. He has filled C# Developers, Sales, Customer Service, Marking, HR, Accounting. If we have 1 position or 10 positions to fill, he makes sure our teams have talent to interview and hire.

Great Value, Service and Response.

Tom Stiner – COO – Starion Energy – CT

I have know Mike Toohey for over 15 years since the day I hired him at Razorfish in New York City. Mike is just one of those rare recruiters that can deal with everyone and everything and just fill positions. Razorfish is a digital agency where you can be pulled in every direction…Mike always delivered great talent to build our teams in software and digital space.

When I took position at Fidessa, I made sure Mike Toohey worked on our Financial software positions for Mike just gets along with all types of folks. He delivers all the time. No matter if positions is 60k or 500k or if position is in NYC or England – he gets it done.

For a guy that lives in CT…he has a great NYC attitude – HE GETS THE JOB DONE and I never have to worry about him.

Great attitude, versatile, demeanor and personality.

Maria Mika – Fidessa – NY/NJ/Canada/England