Permanent Placement

We fill full time permanent positions for employers in  Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey and Florida.

Salaries from 20/hr to 300k plus.

All Fields, All Disciplines.

10% Fees for New Clients to begin the process.

Temporary Placement

We fill Temporary/Consulting position for our clients in all fields.

From 20/hr to 125/hr temps/consultants.

All Fields and Disciplines.

Contract Recruiting

For Employers looking to fill many positions (5 positions or more), we put a dedicated "Contract Recruiter" on site at your company or remotely out of our office.

This model works well for many of our clients that like a dedicated recruiter who is always working and filling their open positions.

50/hr rate range to begin the process


Save on Hiring

We are a full service staffing agency who works with over 200 clients on permanent and temporary positions.

Our clients never get ripped off by 20% Fees like they used to with other firms.

10% Fees or less  for our clients.

Positions we fill for our clients

Accounting/Finance, Administrative, Information Technology, Bio-Tech, Engineering, Marketing, Sales, Nurse and Healthcare.


Next Steps...

Contact us to Save on your hiring.

Never pay 20% or more in fees again!  Never have to deal with 100's of junk resumes that come in from job ads.

We will fill your positions for less and give a longer guarantee.  We will make your life easier.