Volume Hiring

Recently we were tasked to work for a large insurance company in Hartford to fill over 50 positions within a 3 month time frame.

Positions filled were - Accountants, Inside Sales, Account Managers, Underwriters, PHP Developers, Content Managers, CSR's, Line Managers, Tax Accountant, VP Marketing.

VP of HR worked with us in the past and when she moved to new employer, contact us for she did not want to use staffing agency and be charged 20% or more...she stated no longer would HR or company pay outrageous fees for talent.

Goal was achieved.

Contract Recruiter

We are always engaged with multiple clients as Contract Recruiters who get talent for their positions.

Many of these clients are high tech, digital, finance and or in the the healthcare industry where finding talent is very hard and employers must keep pipeline of candidates always interviewing.

Sales Positions, Nurses and Digital Talent keeps us very busy for our clients.

We save our clients tens of thousands of dollars each month from staffing agency fees that they were shelling out.