We loved the Movie MoneyBall. The way a team with no money that evaluates talent and saves money and sees what others do not…can compete with and beat the big teams who have money to burn/waste. We bring those efficiencies of evaluating baseball talent that the movie/real life Oakland A’s shows into our Contract Recruiting for employers. –

Arrogance, Ignorance (Wasting Money) Kill Companies…and it should! See WeWork, Nokia, Pan-Am, Compaq, Blockbuster, Borders Books, Barnes&Noble, Sears and thousands of other employers each year!

Many Employers spend like the Yankees…They over pay for talent and never win. Overpaying for anything never works out in the end. 20% Fees to Staffing Agencies – Employers are still playing the game like it is 1990!

Many Employers waste time/money on job postings and get the same results. 100’s of resumes – blown off interviews, no one cares about your ad!

We work with organizations to hire talent for them and make their hiring experience more cost efficient.

Even in 2020 – Many organizations are still getting ripped off by recruiters/staffing agencies and 20% or more fees! This is Crazy. These fees are not sustainable any longer in 2020 and beyond for any company that values money.

We work with employers to fill their positions for less and to build their brand.

Our motto – Never confuse Activity with Results. We Produce Hires and Results. Anything else is just Activity.

Contact us if you want to know how we can help you hire great talent for less.

Mike Toohey