Client Testimonials


I have used a few staffing agencies in the past to fill temporary and full time positions and the last time I did, that staffing agency omitted important information, that resulted in a poor hiring choice.

I reached out to Mike Toohey and to help us fill an important role within our growing business : Office/Sales Administrator. We needed a person that not only could do the position well but also wanted to do more and grow with us. Plus, have a great personality for we are a small team that that is very important.

Mike and sent us 3 candidates to review within 3 business days after speaking with them. We brought in and interviewed 2 of the candidates. It was such a difference in quality of the candidates from past recruiting agencies. Mike and actually created a fantastic problem for us: We had 2 great candidates and the problem was which one to hire they were both so great. Mike and his company did not waste our time.

We made an offer to the person we thought was best for us and she accepted and it has been wonderful since.

Mike and his team stand by their word they deliver great talent in a timely and cost efficient manner. They run background checks, reference checks and drug tests.

Always there when you need them.

I highly recommend and Contract Staffing Recruiters.

Joe Gordon

President - Differential Pressure Plus, Inc., Branford, CT


Chairman Branford Economic Development Commission


Starion Energy has been teaming up with Contract Staffing Recruiters and for over 3 years on our hiring needs. 
They have filled positions for us in Accounting, Administration, Compliance, Information Technology (C# Developers), Legal and Marketing. The positions ranged from 30k to over 100k and encompassed both permanent and temporary jobs.

The fees are very reasonable and they have always produced great talent. However it is the one year guarantee that differentiates them from the other firms. As everyone knows, people come and go for various reasons. Other staffing agencies charge 20% (or more) and only give a 90 day guarantee - which does not fit with our business.

We can attest that Contract Staffing Recruiters stands by their guarantee of one year. In the rare event where a candidate left within the year, Mike Toohey and Contract Staffing Recruiters made sure we had candidates to review and filled the position at no charge, due to the guarantee.

The savings we realize by working with Contract Staffing Recruiters help us invest back into the company. I highly recommend them.

Great talent, great price, and a great guarantee. 


Tom Stiner – Starion Energy - CFO
Middlebury, CT

What sets and Contract Staffing Recruiters apart from the other Staffing Services is their commitment to the customer. We have been working with them for over 10 years.  Regardless of the fact if I need 20 people of if I only have a need for only one person they treat me like I am their only customer. They truly care about my needs and they follow up on the people they place.   

They find great employees for us that not only fit the job description but the personality of our company. 

They have filled all positions ranging…CNC operators, Engineers, Accountants, Legal, Design Engineers, HR, Marketing, Scientists.

They are our 1 stop shop to get great people for us that just fit in and do very well.

The 1 year guarantee on each employee is just icing on the cake.

Scott King - VP of HR - CPG Manufacturing Corporation
Wallingford, CT

Current Composites has hired 2 employees from Contract Staffing Recruiters. We hired a Quality Manager and an Insides Sales person. 

What attracted us to Contract Staffing Recruiters initially was the 10% fee and 1 year guarantee on hires. (All the other Staffing Firms charge 20% and only give 90 Day guarantees). And posting on job boards just leads to time wasted.

They stood by their word as well when we had to replace the Insides Sales person after 7 months. 

Contract Staffing Recruiters found us another Inside Sales person at no charge due to the 1 year guarantee on each placement.

The deliver great talent and when things happen (as they always do with employees), Contract Staffing Recruiter stands by their guarantee.
I highly recommend Contract Staffing Recruiters and 


Steve Prinz
VP – Current Composites
East Haven, CT


I first met Mike Toohey and while I was working at GE.    When I took this CFO position for my new company in Stamford I made sure to reconnect with them.   I am a firm believer in always getting the best talent for any organization that employs me.  Always look for saving in all departments.  It is my job to save the company money at every turn so we can invest back into the company.

Getting the best talent also should never bankrupt a department’s budget.  

Mike and always find the best talent for any position that I have given to them.  (Accountants, Admins, IT, Engineering, Marketing, Financial Analyst, etc)

The fees are fantastic but the 1 year guarantee really helps me sleep at night.  

I would normally give my name for testimonials but I don’t really want my competition knowing that I save so much money and time by utilizing  Many of my competition still waste their company’s money on high staffing fees of 20% or more and only get 90 day guarantees and seem to brag about paying high fees.  They think they are actually getting better talent if they pay through the nose.  I hope they continue to waste their money.   Business in business and every little edge counts.

Erin – CFO - Financial Services Asset Management Corporation.
Stamford, CT