Permanent Placement

We fill full time permanent positions for employers in  Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey and Florida.

Salaries from 20/hr to 300k plus.

All Fields, All Disciplines.

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Temporary Placement

We fill Temporary/Consulting position for our clients in all fields.

From 20/hr to 125/hr temps/consultants.

All Fields and Disciplines.

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Contract Recruiting

For Employers looking to fill many positions (5 positions or more), we put a dedicated "Contract Recruiter" on site at your company or remotely out of our office.

This model works well for many of our clients that like a dedicated recruiter who is always working and filling their open positions.

50/hr rate range to begin the process

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Our main goal is to work with employers to get them the best talent for less...our clients never have to worry about posting ads and getting 100's of resumes that waste their time or have to worry about paying absurd fees.

Contact us to learn how we can help your company find great talent for less and have longer guarantees.

Hiring? Tired of Crazy Fees? Tired of bad resumes from job boards?...

Contact us to Save on your hiring.

Never pay Crazy High fees again!  Never have to deal with 100's of junk resumes that come in from job ads.

We will fill your positions for less and give a longer guarantee.  We will make your life easier.

Mike Toohey